Yorkstone setts and cobbles
Yorkstone setts and cobbles

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Welcome to Dempsey Landscaping for Yorkstone driveways,  paving, setts and walling services. Based in Wigan and Liverpool covering Cheshire, Merseyside and West lancashire. We lay the best quality newly quarried genuine yorkstone products for beautiful and long lasting driveways, patios and walls. Our Yorkstone is of the finest quality and sourced from only Yorkshire quarries. Yorkstone has been quarried for centuries as it is one of the most durable sandstones and has been used to pave the streets of London and virtually every other major town or city. Yorkstone, unlike imported stone that has become popular of late is proven in the British climate. It is guaranteed to last no matter what the weather throws at it and will withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic for many, many years.

Yorkstone setts & cobbles

Highest quality UK quarried natual stone setts perfect for stunning driveways, courtyards and garden pathways.

Have Yorkstone setts installed by natural stone professionals. Our newly quarried Yorkstone setts have a sawn smooth surface making them traffic, pedestrian and wheelchair friendly while the tumbled edges give them an instant traditional appearance that will allow them to blend into both modern and traditional properties.

Yorkstone Paving

Exeptional quality tight grained new Yorkstone flags and slabs for driveways, patios and courtyards that will last for generations.

Take a look at our range of Yorkshires finest natural Yorkstone paving installations. We lay only the very best quality yorkstone flags and slabs straight from the quarry. We can lay UK quarried sawn yorkstone paving across the Northwest for beautiful and long lasting patios and courtyards.

Yorkstone Walling

Natural dressed Yorkstone walling 

Natural stone paving & driveway professionals.

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